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Cake Printer M-312

This printing system is a table-top model with manual height adjustment, giving you a high production capacity and excellent edible print quality on full sized cakes and pastries. This system is design for mobility and is very easy to set up in different locations, make it an excellent model for different events. The industrial quality of the Sweets & Art brand is appreciated among professionals. The M-312 is a small sized Cake Printer designed to be a professional tool for cake and pastry printing when and where you need it.

All our professional flat-bed systems are built with industrial quality and designed to give you the best possible value in return for your investment, for decades to come. But they are all different, and they are all designed with different production demands in mind. Therefore, we recommend that you are using our FREE Evaluation service, to find out if we have a system that suits your production capacity and needs. You will find a link to the evaluation form in the links below at this page.

The M-312 model with its manual loading is an excellent tool if you like to simplify the printing process. This system is designed to be less advanced than the big brothers in order to provide a lower price for those having limited budgets, but still like to enjoy a high-quality tool for high quality chocolate prints

The M-312 system can be used for all type of edible printing, this model can print direct on cakes, cookies, macaroons, marshmallows, ice cream, and a lot of other products. This model allows print on media with a thickness up to 120 mm (4.72”).

The maintenance cost for the first 10 years is estimated to only 1900 USD, and for the first 20 years it's only 6250 USD or 300 USD per year, consumables not included. The system can be serviced by any skilled local electrician using our technical manual delivered with the system.

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