Cake Printer MP-306

Cupcake, Macaroon & Cookie Printer MP-306

I've never felt like I was in the cookie business. I've always been in a feel good business. My job is to sell joy. My job is to sell happiness. My job is to sell experience. . Debbi Fields

Cake printing system MP-306 is our fully automated Table-Top printer model, giving you high production capacity and excellent edible print quality on cupcakes, macaroons and cookies.

The MP-306 model also utilize the new loading function as it's big brother, the MP-415, to get the best possible distance between printer head and media, fully automatically and fast just by pressing the auto-load button. It gives you more time to focus on your design work and it gives you a better print quality for your edible printing application.

This is the system for smaller bakeries that not plan to use it for a lot of mobile works, such as events. The MP-306 is movable but a bit bulky.

  • Genuine flat-bed printer
  • Print Direct on chocolate
  • Maximum resolution is 4800 DPI
  • Maximum media thickness is 80 mm
  • Maximum media width is 300 mm
  • Maximum media length is 400 mm
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    Use the free Evaluation contact form and find out if this system is the ultimate system for your business, if not we might suggest something more suitable to your production demands and budget.

    Additional Printer information
    This cake printer model has a limited height adjustment and if you plan to print on full sized caked, you should be better of with any of the bigger systems, see print height in the specifications listed in the cake printer menu link.

    This Cake Printing system comes with a lot of "High End Values" for your food customization business. These values are new and unique products, increased sales, low maintenance cost, reduced material cost, reduced production downtime, reduced or eliminated manufacturing waste, increased production speed and quality, among others.

    The maintenance part cost for the first 10 years is only 1900 USD, and for the first 20 years it's only 6250 USD or 300 USD per year, consumables not included.

    All professional cake printers using only the best industrial technology. Parts are manufactured in Sweden, Germany, US, and Japan, and all professional systems are assembled to Swedish industrial standards.

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