News From the 2014 Archive

New Professional Food Printers

We have had a hectic 2014, with 5 new professional systems added to our printer series. We believe that this will cover most production needs for any small or medium sized company, that likes to enter into the fast growing business of customized food products.

We like to thank everyone that has been supportive in our efforts making our company the number one choice for those that need professional quality to a decent price. The image is of the Cake printer M-612, and that is the last of the new models introduced this year.

If you like to upgrade your business, contact us now !!!

Cake Printer M-612- copyrigth

Print On Dark Chocolate

As you all know, printing on chocolate using our professional chocolate printers will not differ much from printing on paper.

The same physics apply also on chocolate which make it difficult to have a nice image printed on a dark surface, like the dark chocolate that everybody loves to eat.

We have solved this problem for you, if interested, contact us now !!!

Print on dark Chocolate - copyrigth

We wish you a Prosperous 2014

For all professionals in the industry of customized food products, we have good news for you.

During this year we will introduce 5 new food printers for edible prints direct on cakes or chocolate, making it 11 available systems in total.

The new models are designed to be less advanced providing a lower price than the fully automatic alternatives. We hope that you will find the right tool for your business among our 11 professional food printers.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we have a long and unique experience from this business niche that we can share with you.

Printed Chocolate - copyright