News From the 2013 Archive

MPC-306 - Model 2013 - 2014

This A3 sized, Direct on Chocolate Printing System MPC-306 has a new design with an improved height capacity, now capable of printing media up to 70 mm thick.

In addition we have increased the print speed to 6 Square meters per hour, and with its new ink formula this printer creates astonishing prints direct on chocolate and other food media.

Chocolate printer MPC-306 - - copyrigth

QR-Codes Direct On Chocolate

QR-Codes is the ultimate experience to show on-line content such as product presentations or video-gram, by printing a QR-Code direct on the chocolate gift, and then use a smart-phone to scan the code in order to see the on-line message.

With our direct on chocolate printing systems MPC-306, MPC-312, MPC-415, you can print direct on the chocolate surface, using our patent protected printing method.

No more transfer sheets and no more edible papers on the chocolate, print direct with high resolution and high production capacity.

Printed QR codes- - copyrigth

MP-312, The New Edition

We would like to present the 2013 edition of the 300 series. This Direct on Food Printing System is manufactured in 2 different models. The MP-312 as you see in the image above is for cakes and pastries, and the MPC-312 can in addition also be used for print directly on the chocolate surface.

You can print any shape or size that you can create with your computer, as long a sthe size can fit on the flat-bed table. The printer is delivered complete with ink and a software package that makes it possible to start-up your printing production from day 1.

Food printer MP-312 - - copyrigth

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