News From the 2011 Archive


We have updated our web shop to a more logical interface, just to make it easier for you to navigate and get available information.

The web shop have to levels of information, if you are signed in you can see all the prices and information available, but if not signed in you will only see the basic listing.

 Cake Printer - copyrigth

New Big Format food Printers

The new Sweets & Art 415 food printing platform is available for order, delivered as a cake and pastry printer MP-415, or as a chocolate printer MPC-415.

This system has a capacity of printing up to 14 Square meters per hour, and is a big format printer built on a stand alone stainless steel table.

Big format printer - copyrigth

More flexible prices on all systems.

We have decided to move our investment from benefiting the distributor to benefit the end user, that means more money in your pocket.

In addition, we can give you a 10% discount on the first system, if you only can agree to be our sales reference in your area, and tell others about your system.

We can also give volume discounts for systems ordered and paid in one single invoice, starting from the second system with 5%. The volume discount is for the bigger companies.

Chocolate printer MPC-415 - - copyrigth

New Book of Occasion

Using the support section of this website, (Download/Image/Book of Occasion) our customers can access new digital occasion files.

This time we have used image files with layers that you can work with directly in our software Sweets & Art.

In order to manipulate the layered Occasion file you can use the layer function or advanced editing.

If you for some reason have forgotten how to do the advanced editing, please download the tutorial movie that teach the subject of advanced editing.

MP Software - copyrigth

Sweets & Art Software version 7.6

The users that have any of the previous version in series 7 can use the update function in the software.

Other users need to download the complete installation file from the support menu at our website. The language file have to be downloaded separately.

With the new version you will be able to create all the software templates that you need, directly in the software. In addition you can also make fine adjustments to all positions directly in step 1.

Software - copyrigth

Important information

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