News From the 2010 Archive

Sweets & Art Registered trade mark

For all customers that are interested in the Sweets & Art concept, we hereby again show the certificate of the registered trade mark Sweets & Art.

We hope that this brand shall fulfill all your expectations of a professional food printer.

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The Sweets & Art Business Concept

The Sweets & Art Business Concept is now updated and available as a PDF file in the web shop. Go to the web Shop and chose the category Systems, then click on the PDF icon to open the file.

You will find a more detailed purchase plan, and also an extended range of products that can be helpful for a successful business.

You need to register On-Line to open the web Shop. Do not use a fake e-mail address, because we send you some information to the e-mail address provided during registration.

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Chocolate Moulds

We can now offer you a complete range of chocolate moulds, packaging materials, and software templates for the chocolate printing business. Some of the designs are presented above in the image, but you can see the complete range in the web shop.

For the ones that not have the skill or interest of producing the chocolate, we can also offer moulded chocolate (Ready To Print). It is moulded using only the best Belgian chocolate and still affordable.

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Software Version 7 Available

MasterPiece Systems now release our new software Version 7, it works with Windows 7, and most previous versions of Windows. A trial version is available for down load in the support menu at the website, look for the link: Trial Software Version

This version has some improved function, and also the possibility to be activated directly on-line. We have removed the hard lock key to make it easier to use.

Software version 7 - copyrigth

Patent Granted

The new and unique method used for printing direct on the chocolate surface is now a granted patent in UK.

We are looking forward to see all the applications going the same way, during the coming years.

2009 we did filed for an PCT-Application covering more than 200 Countries World Wide.

Granted Patent - copyrigth

Web-Shop Open

Finally we have open the new web shop so that we can serve our customers 24/7.

We have still some images and documents that shall be loaded, but we will do it as soon as possible. Meanwhile enjoy your browsing and do not forget to take a look at all the new products and the good prices available.

In the support menu you can read about how you order on-line if that should be any problems for you. Looking forward to your orders and to support you in your new business niche.

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