News From the 2009 Archive

Beta Software Version 6

The version 6 of our software is now released and it contains many new functions to increase productivity.

You can now design all items individually and then print them in one single print, just by pressing a single button. You also have a direct help function available.

As a user of any of our printers, you can download this software version from the support menu. If your account does not allow download, please contact us for help.

Software version 6 - copyrigth

Tools Manufacturing

If you like to implement new moulds to your chocolate production and see the price of the new chocolate Dispensing tool as a hinder to your plans, do not hesitate to contact MasterPiece Systems.

We have started an extended service to all chocolate producers, to manufacture the tools to a fraction of the original price.

Above, you see images of one type of mould Dispensing tools, but we can manufacture any type that you like, just from a sample or a drawing.

If you have other types of tooling let us give you a suggestion, to compare prices. Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation if you like to save money.

Tooling - copyrigth

Print direct on Ice Cream

We recently had a visit from the Local Buds Ice cream and they brought some nice ice cream cakes for us to use in a series of test prints. You can see the result in the image above.

You can print 240 pieces 3.5 Pound cakes in a working day, and if you add 1 USD per cake for the print, you will have back the investment in 3 Months.

If you are interesting in printing direct on the media, ice cream or chocolate we have the solution for you, and our systems will give you the lowest production cost in the market.

Ice cream print - copyrigth

10'000 Hits for our YouTube Video

Our Video has now been shown more then 10000 times on YouTube. It is the most shown video in the YouTube history, for chocolate printing. If you like to see the video, please click this link...

YouTube Video - copyrigth

CISS Pump Developed

MasterPiece Systems have developed a new CISS pump system for its MX-315 model.

The pump developed is a peristaltic pump with 8 pumping channels that feeds the special new CISS ink tank during print. As most other parts are built in stainless steel, we decided to go the same way regarding this pump, to get the highest quality possible.

The tubing is delivered from Watson Marlow, we are using Pumpsil-Silicon or Marprene tubing, for the hygienic and quality.

The main reason for this new development is to increase the automation of the filling procedure, something that our customers have requested.

The electronic controller attached to the pump will run the pump the amount of time needed to fill up the ink tanks during print. As long as you have ink in your outer reservoirs, the system will print.

CISS Pump - copyrigth