News From the 2008 Archive

FDA 2008 - Singapore

FDA 2008 in Singapore was a huge success both for masterpiece Systems and our distributor Femac.

Femac is a very reliable and well known supplier of bakery equipment being in the business for more than 40 years.

They distribute a lot of European brands of extremely high standards, like Sveba Dahlen with their ovens or Gram with their nicely designed fridges.

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Patent Application

MasterPiece systems have filed a new patent application regarding the method we are using to print on genuine chocolate.

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Spanish Language Pack V4

To increase the service to our customers in South and Middle America we now add a Spanish language pack that can be downloaded free for all systems owners and imported to the MasterPiece graphic editing and template printing software version 4.

We would also take the opportunity to remind OEM users that they can have the software customized with logo and information on the splash screen, and the language of their choice. Price upon request.

The version 4 software from MasterPiece supports all languages supported by Windows XP (Property of Microsoft) as it uses the .Net framework to integrate with Windows functions.

The new software also integrates with more advanced software for graphic editing, as the state of the art PhotoShop (Property of Adobe), giving you the possibility to use all file formats available in that external software

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Customized Chocolate Moulds

MasterPiece Systems can now supply you with customized chocolate moulds, designed to fit our systems.

The moulds is produced in a very strong APET plastic material, and we can also offer Polycarbonate plastic as an alternative. Contact us for a quotation, we guarantee good quality, fast deliveries, and a reasonable price.

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Halal Certificate

For our customers in Middle East and other Muslim Countries, we can now deliver Halal certified edible ink, and we are happy to assist any direct request from your local authorities, if that should be the case.

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