News From the 2007 Archive

Print Direct on Real Chocolate

MasterPiece Systems R&D group has done some real breakthrough in the field of printing directly on to the chocolate surface of any basic white chocolate, no additives.

We have now managed to produce a good looking, non smearing print on the chocolate surface, a chocolate surface not coated with anything prior to printing.

MasterPiece will present the MX-315 system at the Singapore exhibition April 2008, the system will have this newly developed technique implemented.

We can not give out any details about this method yet, due to the patent rules about what is known to the public before application filling date.

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Life time Warranty

MasterPiece Systems strives to make our service as good as possible for you as a user of the most advanced food printers available today.

We have now increased your possibilities to extend the warranty on the new systems, to cover lifetime for the ones that prefer to know the exact cost to run the business.

For the ones that think life time is too long, we give 5 years warranty on a system bought with an open license.

Contact us if you like to know more about this opportunity, and or purchase options and what this unique warranty.

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MT-315 Now Available

The first version of the 300 series, the M-312 was discontinued 2007-08-01. It has been in production since Feb 2007 and has now been replaced by the new MT-315.

The biggest changes are the increased size in media thickness allowed, where the height for the new system has increased from 120 mm to 150 mm.

There are also important changes in the feeding mechanism that allows the user to assemble the table in a much easier way than before.

This has a significant impact on the possibilities to transport the system from place to place without any complicated technical work.

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ThaiFex Exhibition in Bangkok

ThaiFex exhibition 2007 was a big success, and the visitors did look quite shocked to find that we really printed directly on the creamy cakes.

Most of them comment the process with things like, edible paper, what is the new thing about that?

When we shown them that it was actually the cream itself that we used as a printing layer, they where stunned.

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Singapore Polytechnic FIRC

MasterPiece Systems participate in the Singapore polytechnic grand opening of its FIRC food innovation and resource center.

The 200 special invited guests represented the Singapore government and the Singaporean food industry.

MasterPiece would like to thank the FIRC centre for the invitation a special thanks to Lim Peng Hun (Chief technology officer and director industry service, Yap Chin Hua John (Deputy Director).

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